Monster Marketing Agency isn’t your usual ad agency. Forget the cute advertisements, soda commercials and business promotions. There are other groups better at that.

So what does Monster Marketing do? We work with small towns to promote tourism. Specifically, we help create tourist attractions, then promote those attractions to discerning types who will travel from miles around for a visit. And we’re pretty successful at it.

So what’s our secret? Simply put, we market monsters.

Want to haunt a bed and breakfast in your town? We can do that.

Want a specific spook for town hall? Call us.

How ’bout a spectre for your next town festival? We’re your guys.

And we’re cheap. Why? Well, that’s the catch. Our monsters aren’t the A-list Hollywood types. We represent the other guys. The B-movie monsters. Yes, they’re a little quirky, but they’re sincere. Not suave or anything, but sincere, well-meaning monsters who what nothing but to help your town thrive. Mostly.

Did we mention that we’re cheap?

Check out some of our case studies and see if your town qualifies for a monster who puts the FUN into dysFUNctional. Your town will never be the same.


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