Bill Arbuckle is a guy who loves a good story. Whether it’s listening to someone share their day’s adventures or helping a business create a campaign that moves customers from “just the facts” to a passionate commitment, he has a heart for finding the creative aspects of the story, then using those aspects to build connections between people and ideas.

For over two decades, Bill has helped write and develop stories for national radio features, created the award-winning business-to-business marketing campaign for “Plugged In Movie Reviews”, designed regional and national promotions, created media tie-ins to the “Prince Caspian” movie, and was part of  the media communications team that promoted the “Tebow Tackle” TV spot that aired during the Super Bowl. In addition, he’s writing his first novel and developing a series of short stories centered on a not-quite-normal ad agency.

Bill, his wife Julie, and their two sons make their home in Colorado Springs.

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